How are we going to do this?

Date posted: 06/06/19

After 4 years of Beeken Reeves, I have zero regrets about the work we have done and the choices we have made. Many, no doubt, have been wrong but the journey I truly believe is the reason we do this. We’re all on an adventure to achieve something and for Beeken Reeves and those who have helped us on our way, I’m immensely proud of what has been achieved so far. Four years building a business has brought me in a full loop to that very first day and the biggest question, how are we going to do this?

For anyone wanting to go out and achieve something, these are my reflections on how it can be done.

1)   Find your why

Before you set out on a goal, ask yourself why you are even putting yourself through it. You may have an innate drive, a relentless ambition to achieve – a rare tonic I’ve found – it may be for money, for the adventure. When the going gets tough, it is your why which will push you through.

2)   You’re the only one who can motivate yourself

Despite all of the rah rah motivational speeches, the books on self-improvement or the mentor guiding you through, you will be left with your own thoughts more often than not. You are the biggest and most important influencer in your own life, and it’s only you who can motivate yourself in the right, consistent way.

3)   Set yourself big goals and small targets

What’s the point if you don’t have a big goal, however, the targets must be tailored and achievable. . .daily, weekly, monthly. Only by setting yourself a target can you understand your path to a goal. Targets will change so re-evaluate and go again. A target is just a step towards a goal, so make the step achievable, achieve it, then go again.

4)   Surround yourself with people on a journey and learn from them

Yes I buy into the adage of surround yourself with people better than you, but I believe stronger in people who are on a journey, any journey. These are the achievers you need to work with.

5)   If you think you’re going to fail, you will

Not delusional positive thoughts which could get you in a lot of trouble. But if you go into something half hearted with a grey cloud of doubt, you’ve already lost.

6)   There can never be an ‘I’

For me, there’s no reason creating something unless it is with people and certainly no reason unless we can help create something for those people. Everything we have done in business has been down to the hard work of the collective, it is my job to conduct that orchestra. I neither seek nor want recognition for something the team achieves.

7)   Have fun

Otherwise, what’s the point! The world is bigger than the 4 walls of your office.

8)   Adapt

A colleague of mine on our first day said, ‘If it can go wrong, it will go wrong’. Never a truer word has been spoken. You cannot prepare yourself for the failures you’ll endure, most you won't see coming. But to review, regroup and go again is my definition of adapting to your circumstances.

9)   99% Will Power, 1% Talent

If you disagree with this statement I assure you, you’re wrong. Experience is a collection of failures grouped together after which you give yourself a better chance of making the right decision. The most talented person in the room will fail if they do not have the utmost Will Power. Be the hardest worker in the room.

10) Learn

We have had the pleasure of learning from countless people in the last 4 years. Without their guidance, we would not be where we are today. Learn and learn fast.

11) Bouncebackability

You will succeed, you will fail, and everything in between. The only common denominator in the last 4 years has been the ability to make a comeback. You must, there is no giving up, no quitting, regroup and go again.

We have a relentless plan ahead of us as a business and I love the challenges and adventures the next 4 years will bring us. Thank you for all that have helped and continue to support.