Interview with Daria Baciu at Building Design Partnership

Date posted: 31/10/18

As a business, we’re proud of the calibre of candidates we work with and are therefore pleased to launch a series of interviews showcasing their success.

Having recently joined the team at international studio BDP (Building Design Partnership) on the prestigious Palace of Westminster project, Daria Baciu, Part II Architectural Assistant, sat down with consultant Lucy Dickerson to talk through her successes, challenges and what is to come in her career.

What attracted you to join BDP and the Northern Estates & Palace of Westminster project?            

Before joining BDP, I had previously worked for a little over 3 years in another practice in London on commercial refurbishments. I had another offer to work on a new build, which initially appealed because it was a different type of project for me. However, when I received the email from Lucy letting me know that BDP wanted to interview me for the Westminster project, I couldn’t help but be excited. A prestigious and interesting project like this doesn’t come around every day, plus I had always admired BDP – not only for their interdisciplinary work, but also their “building for people” approach to architecture.

What has your involvement been on the Northern Estates project so far?

I’m currently working on the bit of the project that’s first to be completed and am involved in both design and technical aspects. It’s on an accelerated program so everything is happening quite fast. Luckily, the associate running the building is very good at communicating. It’s been a huge learning experience already in the four months working here.

How has this project at BDP been unique or special from your previous projects, company, role, etc? What has made it memorable?

My previous experience was also in commercial refurbishment which is useful as I’ve understood what is going on from the start. On this project, however, there is a lot more emphasis being made on the historic aspects. Working on a heritage project in Level 2 BIM is an incredibly valuable and unique experience for me.

What’s been your biggest and most important learning so far? What advice would you give to someone starting out as a Part II in the industry?

For me personally, it was important to learn how to follow my passion and have confidence. There will always be critics along the way who make it easy to have all kinds of doubts. But if you take the criticism with a pinch of salt and follow what you like to do to the best of your ability, then good things will come out of it.

What new challenges have you faced?

I was relatively new to Revit when I started at BDP so it was an interesting challeng figuring out all the complexities of working on a heritage project in Level 2 BIM. Leaving the comfort of a practice where I had worked for almost four years and knew everyone was also slightly daunting, especially since BDP is such a large practice. Fortunately, everyone at BDP is nice and welcoming so it didn’t take long until I felt integrated in the work culture.

What does the next year have in store for you?

I will start my Part 3 course, for which my team and BDP have been very supportive. The project seems perfect for it and I can learn a lot from the people I’m working with.

What do you ultimately want to achieve in your career?

I would like to run my own projects and lead a team well. Ideally, I would stay in heritage architecture as I really enjoy working within the existing fabric of a city. There are lot of challenges with this kind of work but it’s what I find most rewarding and interesting.

Lucy Dickerson

Senior Consultant

Lucy is a permanent architecture recruitment specialist in the commercial and mixed-use sectors with two years of recruitment experience across Australia and the UK. She is an Aussie who has a genuine passion for the industry and has attained a Bachelor’s degree in Design Studies.