Interview with Frazer Macfarlane

Date posted: 09/01/20

As part of our ongoing series of interviews, we are highlighting the experiences of some of our candidates.

Beeken Reeves' Sam McFadyen has spoken with Frazer MacFarlane and discussed his experience having joined Design Haus Liberty early in 2019. 

Design Haus Liberty are an innovative international design studio with work in London, the USA, Italy, China and the Middle East. They create space that excites, challenges and delivers.

How have you found the move to London?

I think it has a lot to do with the firm you're at, but London based firms have a good scope to work internationally with London being such a strong brand. Being based in Clerkenwell means being part of a strong design culture with a lot of studios, allied design sectors, supplier showrooms meaning events like Clerkenwell Design Week are really intense and happen right on your doorstep. Also easy access to events- recently I've been to a Dezeen one, saw Peter Barber present at the Bartlett, and colleagues are always sharing exhibitions and installations that are happening. When it's a crush on the tube I do miss my Surrey commute - a walk along the river - but the work is more varied and exciting, and the city and the talent it attracts is a constant source of inspiration.

What do you like about Design Haus Liberty?

It's design led, which means each project has a strong vision and design identity. The variety of work undertaken by the firm - architecture, interiors, dressing, lighting products etc means there's always something interesting going on in the studio. I think they've been careful about hiring and as a result there's a really good team dynamic - we've got a whole range of skills and backgrounds as individuals and no one is afraid to express themselves.

What have you learnt so far?

I've worked on some of the interiors projects, which has extended my thinking and skills into a new area...I've done a lot of planning and technical type work in the past so it's interesting to be in a team where we're are putting together mood boards, doing a lot of materials sampling to achieve specific finishes,and making all this happen in a lot of different countries and circumstances. I feel like my development goals are well supported by leadership, and I'm working with some really talented people.

How have you settled into DHL?

It's always a steep curve at first, and it takes a couple of deadlines to bond with the team and gain everyone's trust. My colleagues have been really welcoming, and my skills feel like they fill an essential slot, and that my contributions are valued. Being an integral part of the team, working on great projects, pay rate you're happy with - and good coffee haha. It's a filter machine so not quite perfect. There's always room to improve... 

Sam McFadyen

Recruitment Consultant

An enthusiastic and motivated team member, Sam works alongside Part II & Part III architects. He uses his interpersonal skills and industry knowledge to match top talent with their next role.