Mobel Copenhagen:
Marco Del-Maschio

Mobel Copenhagen 

Møbel Copenhagen is a furniture studio based in Denmark which was founded in 2016 by the Agersborg family. Since then the family has been working with visionary Danish and international design collaborators who share the love for beautiful, vibrant design, functionality and innovation.

Font Bold Lounge armchair designed by David Thulstrup.

The chair collection, titled “font”, is a family of chairs, lounge chairs and barstools. All typologies are available with or without armrests. The name of the collection and its chairs refers to fonts and derive from the variating thickness of each typologies cushion and backrest. The lounge chair bold and the barstool light. All members of the family are interconnected through the design language which evolves from circle geometry.



David Thulstrup is an architecture, interior design practice based in Copenhagen.

David is the main product designer for Mobel and will be releasing new pieces early next year. 

Since setting up the studio ten years ago, David Thulstrup has completed an extensive portfolio of local and international projects, ranging from new residential architecture to restaurant, retail, hotel and furniture design. David won international acclaim and multiple awards for the interiors of the two Michelin-starred Noma restaurant in Copenhagen.

The Legend That is Marco Del - Maschio

What attracted you to work for Mobel Copenhagen? 

I’ve always loved attractive objects and been a big fan of Danish furniture and design. The main attraction for me was the companies ethos and vision to be different from other Scandinavian furniture brands by offering a unique collection. When I saw the Font collection for the first time and met with Sara I knew it was the company for me.


How has the transition been?

Coming from a fashion and hand made flooring background I thought it would be difficult to adapt to the furniture world, but the support from Mobel Copenhagen and James Garis has made the transition very easy. 



It's been a couple of months now since you joined, how has the brand been received? 

I could not have asked for a better start, the feedback I've received from the A&D community is very positive and has lead to a considerable amount of commercial project opportunities. This just reiterates my feeling that I've made the right move and I can't wait to take Mobel Copenhagen to the next stage in our story. 


James Garis - Senior Consultant

James has extensive sales experience at several leading furniture suppliers in the UK. Having made the move into recruitment, he brings with him niche market knowledge and a real understanding of a candidate’s journey.

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